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Wawa Nutrition Guide

Wawa Nutrition Guide

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Proper nutrition is necessary for developing your mind and body. Therefore, the food we eat daily must have the right balance of nutrition to give strength and energy. Let us discuss the importance of Wawa Nutrition in foods available at the Wawa Restaurant.

Wawa Nutrition Foods offers healthy and fresh food with high nutritional levels. It provides nourishment to meet the varying needs of its regular and new customers.

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Wawa Nutrition Facts & Calories

The store checks the quality of every food item and beverage for the customers’ safety.

It also fits the nutritional value of food every time. This blog will further discuss Wawa Food nutrition and a few other things related to the Wawa menu.

Wawa Balanced Fare Meal Nutrition

Balanced fare meals include many breakfast items to satisfy your taste buds and provide nutrition to the body. These meals contain around 500 calories or below that.

Let us look at things like balanced fare meals & their nutrition data.

Breakfast Menu

  • White omelet sandwich Veggie egg: It contains cheddar cheese, tomato, and spinach on multigrain toast (23g protein, 410 calories).
  • Cinnamon Brown sugar oatmeal (7g protein and medium 410 calories).
  • Roasted Veggie egg white omelet short with roasted veggies, cheddar cheese, and wheat roll (27g protein, 490 calories).
  • Veggie & Egg White omelet burrito with roasted veggies and cheddar cheese on a warm tortilla (20 g protein and 430 calories).
  • Chicken steak and bowl of egg white omelet with cheese and spinach (24g protein and 210 calories).


  • Chef salad includes ham, oven-roasted turkey, hardboiled eggs, fresh lettuce leaves, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers. In this salad, you can select either ranch or balsamic for the side (31g protein, 440 calories).
  • Turkey Bacon Ranch salad with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, red onions, oven-roasted turkey with ranch or balsamic on the side (460 calories, 30g protein).
  • Garden salad with spinach, carrots, croutons, hardboiled egg, feta cheese, red onions, spring mix, grape tomatoes, and ranch or balsamic on the side (20 g protein and 430 calories).

Burritos and Bowls

Wawa’s grilled chicken burrito bowl with cheddar cheese, fresh salsa, lettuce, rice, and black beans (46g protein and 500 calories).

Turkey Hoagie Bowl: It comes with red onions, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and oven-roasted turkey with ranch on the side (27g protein, 320 calories).

Roasted Veggie burrito: Made with jalapenos, rice, cheddar cheese, rice, and fresh salsa on a warm tortilla (480 calories, 12g protein).

Soups & Sides

  • Baked potato with Bacon and Cheddar cheese: It has medium 400 calories, 10g protein, 14g protein, and small 290 calories.
  • Chicken corn chowder has 5g protein, medium 310 calories, 7gm protein, and small 210 calories.
  • Mac and Cheese: It has 15g of protein and 350 calories.
  • Tomato Basil Bisque: It has 4g protein, 2g protein, small 220 calories, and medium 330 calories.
  • Roasted veggies: They have 2g of protein and are medium, 80 calories.
  • Broccoli cheddar soup: It has 7g protein, medium 280 calories, small 200 calories, and 9g protein.
  • Chicken noodle soup contains 9g protein, medium 180 calories, small 200 calories, and 13g protein.

Hoagies & Sandwiches

Spicy roasted veggie and provolone shorti come with spinach, mayo, wheat roll, tomato, spicy pepper, and provolone cheese (19g protein and 450 calories).

The original Chicken sandwich is served with lettuce, mayo, pickles, tomato, and grilled chicken on a brioche bun (41g protein and 460 calories).

Oven-roasted turkey shorti contains onion, pickles, wheat roll, mayo, spinach, provolone cheese, and cucumbers (35g protein and 500 calories).

Chicken cheesesteak shorti comes with spicy pepper, provolone cheese, ketchup, and wheat roll (31g protein and 410 calories).

Wawa Nutrition For Gluten Conscious People

Wawa offers many ingredients to create gluten-free meals. Have a look at the gluten-free meals of Wawa:

Breakfast ideas

  • The chicken steak and egg white omelet bowl have spinach, cheddar cheese, avocado, a hot sauce packet, and salsa (250 calories).
  • Cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal comes with a CranRaisin blend topping (320 to 530 calories).
  • The scrambled egg breakfast bowl contains spinach, tomato, and turkey sausage (610 calories).


  • Rice and bean bowl with red onion, chipotle sauce, chicken steak, and salsa with lettuce (540 calories).
  • The quinoa and roasted chicken bowl contains cucumbers, spinach, feta cheese, hot peppers, red onion, hummus, and vinegar (620 calories).
  • Lettuce and oven-roasted Turkey bowls are tastefully available with garlic aioli sauce, hardboiled egg, roasted peppers, and white cheddar (430 calories).


  • Southwest chicken salad has customized options such as white cheddar, hardboiled egg, ranch, oven-roasted turkey, romaine, grape tomatoes, and ham (570 calories).
  • Chef salad with customized options to remove croutons includes cucumber, hardboiled eggs, ranch dressing, white cheddar, romaine, tomatoes, ham, and oven-roasted turkey (520 calories).
  • Italian Antipasto salad is served with meats, grape tomatoes, hot peppers, spring mix, shredded asiago, and Balsamic vinaigrette (410 calories).

Sides & Snacks

  • Wawa’s express fruit cups (see the label for variations).
  • The side cup of mashed potatoes, black beans, and rice (between 160 and 630 calories).
  • Express Apple Peanut Butter snack cup (320 calories).
  • Express apple snack pack (60 calories).
  • Express Apple Peanut Butter Dipper (310 calories).
  • Express Farmhouse Garden Veggie salad (110 calories).
  • People with gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease, and wheat allergies must not consume the abovementioned items.

Lower Sodium Meals

You can mix the ingredients to create lower-sodium meals. Try some of the best lower-sodium meals of Wawa as mentioned below:

Breakfast items

  • Egg omelet breakfast bowl with Swiss cheese, roasted peppers, and roasted veggies (490 mg sodium and 230 calories).
  • Cinnamon Brown Sugar oatmeal is served with CrabRaisin blend (105 to 200mg sodium, 320 to 530 calories).
  • The egg white omelet bowl has Swiss cheese, avocado, chicken steak, and Fresh Salsa (580g sodium and 250 calories).

Salads and Bowls

  • The Quinoa bowl contains avocado, chicken steak, garlic aioli, white cheddar, and grape tomatoes (940mg sodium and 720 calories).
  • Chicken salad Garden salad with customized options such as red onion, ciabatta croutons, romaine, grape tomatoes, and cucumber (770mg sodium and 400 calories).
  • Garden Salad with customized ingredients (290 calories and 950 mg sodium).


  • Express Tuna Wrap (800mg sodium and 410 calories).
  • Junior Chicken Steak Hoagie has Ranch, Swiss cheese, and Avocado (630mg sodium and 360 calories).
  • Express Turkey Cheddar Pinwheels (830mg sodium and 310 calories).
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich on Brioche bun with veggies such as oregano, cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes (850mg sodium and 420 calories).
  • Junior Beef Steak Hoagie will be served with spinach, Swiss Cheese, Garlic aioli, and Tomato (520mg sodium and 350 calories).

Power Menu

Breakfast Bowls

  • The roasted veggie and Egg omelet Bowl has fresh salsa, roasted zucchini, cheddar cheese, onion, and squash (13g protein and 220 calories and 6g carbs).
  • Turkey Sausage and egg omelet bowl with cheddar cheese, turkey sausage patty, and avocado (20g protein, 300 calories, and 6g carbs).
  • Egg white omelet bowl with cheddar cheese and fresh spinach (13g protein, 3g carbs, and 140 calories).
  • Bacon and egg omelet bowl with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and fresh spinach (260 calories, 15g protein, and 3g carbs).
  • Chicken steak and egg white omelet bowl with cheddar cheese, avocado, chicken steak, fresh salsa, and spinach (28g protein, 280 calories, and 7g carbs)

Side & Snacks

  • Grilled chicken strips with Boom Boom dip cup (36g protein, 2g carbs, and 480 calories).
  • Small scrambled egg cup (14g protein, 5g carbs, and 230 calories).


  • Turkey Bacon Ranch salad with grape tomatoes, oven-roasted turkey, red onion, ranch dressing, and applewood smoked bacon (25g protein, 11g carbs, and 310 calories).
  • Southwest Chicken salad with romaine lettuce, black beans, Ranch dressing, fresh salsa, grilled chicken, and shredded cheddar (49g protein, 630 calories, and 20g carbs).
  • Dinner Cheeseburger salad with white cheddar, Angus beef burger, pickles, Ranch dressing, grape tomatoes, red onion, and romaine lettuce (30g protein, 550 calories, and 13g carbs).
  • Italian Antipasto salad with shredded Parmesan cheese, Italian meats, balsamic vinaigrette, hot peppers, and grape tomatoes (26g protein, 420 calories, and 14g carbs).
  • Grilled chicken Caesar salad with Caesar dressing and shredded Parmesan cheese (47g protein, 540 calories, and 6g carbs).

Lunch bowls

  • The Grilled chicken and spinach bowl with cucumbers, hardboiled egg, grape tomatoes, feta cheese, Caesar dressing, red onion, and carrots (15g carbs, 55g protein, and 640 calories).
  • Wawa’s Grilled chicken and lettuce bowl with avocado, ranch dressing, applewood smoked bacon, onions, and white cedar (10g carbs, 520 calories, and 50g protein).
  • Oven-roasted Turkey and lettuce bowl with white cedar, hardboiled egg, applewood smoked bacon, and garlic aioli sauce (36g protein, 520 calories, and 9g carbs).
  • Italian meat and romaine lettuce bowl with shredded cheddar, vinegar, hot peppers, and red onion (9g carbs, 23g protein, and 330 calories).

Lower Sugar Meals

Wawa wants to serve the best meals with low sugar levels for customers with high BP and sugar. Wawa prepares beverages and drinks with low sugar and high nutritional value. Look at a variety of options of Wawa drinks with low sugar amounts given below:

Self-serve Options

Under this option, you will get many brewed coffees and hot teas and add INS to prepare your favorite coffee. Add milk and creamers such as vanilla almond milk, whole milk, light cream, and flavored creamer to your coffee. 

Built-to-order Options

Hand-crafted espresso drinks and coffees have a unique aroma and taste. Some of the best flavors of coffee under this option include cold brew Black tea, Cold brew, Cappuccino, Cold brew green tea, lattes (hot and iced), Espresso shots, and Macchiato.

Lower Sugar Beverage Ideas

You can try some healthy lower, sugar beverages of Wawa, such as hot flavored brews, hot cappuccino with whipped cream, caramel with almond milk, and slightly sweet cold brew coffee.

Plant-Based Meals

Wawa Nutrition for Plant-based meals of Wawa contains ingredients such as honey, dairy, and eggs. These meals are low in calories and give essential nutrients to your body. However, the plant-based meals of Wawa stores do not include meat. Look at the option of plant-based meals from Wawa in the below section:

Breakfast Bowls

  • Toasted everything Bagel has veggie cream cheese, tomato, and cucumber (12g protein and 370 calories).
  • The Veggie Egg white omelet has veggies such as tomato, spinach, and cheddar cheese on a multigrain toast (23g protein and 410 calories).
  • The scrambled eggs burrito has avocado, tortilla, scrambled eggs, and cheddar cheese (26g protein and 610 calories).
  • Cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal contains 7g of protein and 410 calories
  • Egg white omelet burrito bowl with spinach, fresh salsa, egg white omelet, avocado, and cheddar cheese (13g protein and 180 calories).
  • The roasted vegetable breakfast bowl has roasted peppers, scrambled eggs, and caramelized onions (32g protein and 610 calories).
  • The frozen banana cold brew oat milk smoothie contains 2g protein, 16 oz, and 230 calories.
  • The roasted veggie breakfast burrito has fresh salsa, egg white omelet, roasted vegetables, and cheddar cheese (20g protein and 440 calories).

Salads and Bowls

  • Southwest Roasted Veggie salad has black beans, romaine, white cheddar, roasted vegetables, Jalapenos, Ranch or balsamic, fresh salsa, and red onions (16g protein and 530 calories).
  • Black bean Burrito bowl has lettuce, chipotle sauce, hot black beans, fresh salsa, crispy Jalapenos, and avocado (12g protein and 580 calories).
  • Garden Salad with spring mix, feta cheese, hardboiled egg, red onions, grape tomatoes, cucumber, Balsamic or Ranch, croutons, and carrots (20 g protein and 430 calories).

Burritos & Quesadillas

  • The roasted veggie Quesadilla has cheddar cheese, avocado, fresh salsa, and roasted vegetables (25g protein and 630 calories).
  • Wawa’s black beans and rice burrito has fresh salsa, avocado, lettuce, seasoned white rice, cheddar cheese sauce, and jalapenos (12g protein and 490 calories).
  • The roasted veggie burrito has black beans, roasted vegetables, fresh salsa, warm tortilla, avocado, cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos, and rice (12g protein and 490 calories).

Hoagies & Sandwiches

  • Spicy roasted veggies and provolone shorti contain spicy pepper on a white or wheat roll, mayo, spinach, provolone cheese, and tomato (19g protein and 450 calories).
  • Roasted Veggie Avocado short has avocado, roasted veggies, wheat roll, cheddar cheese, and spinach (20 g protein and 470 calories).

That’s all about Wawa Nutrition facts & calories. Visit Wawa food restaurant and later take the Survey at Mywawavisit.Com.



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