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Wawa Fuel – Quality Fuel At Fair Prices

Wawa Fuel – Quality Fuel At Fair Prices

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Fuel prices are hiking daily, and we must manage our budget to pay fuel charges. However, Wawa customers have a lot of beneficial options to save their money on fuel. Wawa offers high-quality petrol to all its customers at lower prices than other retailers.

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In this blog, we will discuss some things related to Wawa Fuel and various fuel options available at Wawa. You will also learn many new things regarding fuel and payment methods.

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About Wawa Fuel

Wawa fuel is one of the best quality fuels. This company sells clean and safe energy to its customers.

  • Wawa fuel includes detergent cleansing additives that help to reduce vehicle emissions. It also eliminates the formation of deposits in engines.
  •  The energy of Wawa undergoes quality testing with the help of state-of-the-art systems.
  •  The power of Wawa meets all the quality standards of the auto manufacturers.
  •  It is safe and does not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Different Wawa Fuel Options

Different customers of Wawa have different needs. For this reason, Wawa fuel stores offer four types of gasoline.

  • Diesel: You will get diesel in about 99% of the fuel store locations in Wawa. Most customers choose diesel for their vehicles.
  • EFree: The complete form of Efree is Ethanol-Free Gasoline. This gasoline is valid for boats and older vehicles that do not work on ethanol-mixed fuel. In addition, Wawa offers Efree petrol in all the stores in Florida and some Mid-Atlantic locations.
  • EV chargers: EV chargers are available in about 100 Wawa stores. You can find some other locations by using the store locator. Some sites also provide CCS, CHAdeMO DC fast charging points, & Tesla Supercharging points.
  • Propane: One more fuel option at the Wawa store is Propane. This option is available at more than 600 Wawa store locations. Propane vending machines run on all days of the week. You will also get some exchange offers on these vending machines.
  • E15: E15 is a kind of gasoline containing 15% ethanol. Regular petrol contains around 10% ethanol. E15 is used in vehicles and cards designed after 2001. To see the manufacturing year of your car, you can check the owner’s manual.
  • E85: E85 contains about 51% to 83% of ethanol. This gasoline is typically used in flexible fuel vehicles. It is not used in standard cars or vehicles.
  • Avgas: Avgas works excellent for boats and aircraft. This gasoline is available at selected locations in Florida.
  • CNG: Compressed natural gas at 3600 psi pressure is a good fuel option for all vehicles and cars that work on CNG.

Payment Methods

Wawa stores offer a plethora of payment options for the comfort of customers, such as:

1. Wawa App

After filling your car tank at any Wawa location, you can pay fuel charges from your Wawa app. This payment option also offers various promotions and fuel savings.

2. Credit Card

You can make fuel payments with the help of major credit cards. You can also pay using a stored card on your smartphone or smartwatch.

3. Wawa Fleet Card

Wawa Fleet card helps to manage your fuel needs from time to time. It can be used in any Wawa location and even helps to track vehicle fleet activity.

4. Contactless payment readers

It is easy to use contactless payment readers at any fuel station. Using a mobile phone to look at the contactless payment symbol on your debit or credit card. Touch it and pay for fuel!


Are Wawa pumps regularly checked and tested for safety?

Yes, the staff of Wawa stores tests their dispensers regularly with the help of an advanced Accumesaure testing system every year.

What is covered under Fuel Guarantee Program?

Wawa Fuel stores offer a Quality Guarantee Program for customers’ safety. This program includes repairs and the cost of towing a vehicle. Apart from that, the stores will also reimburse you for the fuel that caused any problem in your car.

Does Wawa gasoline include Ethanol?

Yes, Wawa offers gasoline with 10% of Ethanol in all the locations. In addition, the stores also provide E15, Flex fuel E85, and Ethanol-free gasoline at some stores.

Is there any surcharge on the credit card payment?

No, Wawa stores do not add any surcharge if you pay by credit card. It aims to provide an easy payment option without extra fees for its customers.

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